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Buick Performance & Restoration

I have been a passionate Buick Muscle Car fan all my life. If you like Buick Muscle Cars be sure to check out our
D C  Muscle Cars  Section.  Buick Performance & Restoration as well as 455 Engine Stands, Wiring Diagrams and more!
Our "King of Torque" Banners, License Plates, Bumper Stickers and Fastener Kits also found in this section.

Wiring Harnesses      Spark Plug Wires      Battery Cables     Electrical Parts      T-3 Headlights

Engine Cradles      Engine Fasteners      Factory Exhaust Manifold Bolts      Bumper Bolt Kits

Interior Bolt Kits
      Exterior Bolt Kits      Chassis Bolt Kits      Door Hardware

Under Hood Hardware Kits
     Wiring Diagrams      Engine Building      Distributor Rebuilding

Console Decals      "King of Torque"  Stickers,  Banners,  License Plates



New Arrivals !
1970 Dodge Challenger
1:18 Scale - Made by Acme - Limited Edition

Bookmark our  "Newest Arrivals Page"  for details on the
Newest and Hottest Die Cast Muscle Cars arriving weekly.
(Last Update  2-16-2018)



Coming Soon
1971  Buick GSX Limemist Green - Black Interior - Black Vinyl Top Limited
1971  Buick GSX Limemist Green - White Interior - Hardtop 
Extremely Limited
1971  Buick GSX Platinum Mist - Black Interior Limited

As featured in Hemming's Muscle Machines
1:18 Scale - Made by Auto World

Due in 2018


Auto world will be doing a "Platinum Mist" Version also!

Bookmark our  "Coming Soon Page"  for details on
Die Cast Muscle Cars
and Classic Cars coming this year.
This page is updated weekly.

(Last Update  2-16-2018)


Coming Soon
2016 Hellcats Limited Edition!

1:18 Scale - Made by GT Spirit & Acme

Due later this Winter!

Bookmark our  "Coming Soon Page"  for details on
Die Cast Muscle Cars
and Classic Cars coming this year.
This page is updated weekly.

(Last Update  2-16-2018)



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