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Factory Correct Battery Cables

Made by Lectric Limited right here in the USA!

We specialize in 1970 - 1972 Buick's but we
can accommodate all years!



Lectric Limited's battery cables provide the finishing touch for any original or restored GM vehicle.
These new battery cables are reproduced from the original factory blueprint specifications. Consequently, they pass all judging standards.

The Spring-RingŪ and bolt-type battery cables are die-cast just as they were originally made, to give the correct appearance and durability.

Not all battery cables are created equally. All our battery cables are manufactured as originally designed and manufactured,
and meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications. When applicable, we make our battery cables and ground straps with the:


  1. Correct Spring-RingŪ molded head with spring steel insert. Spring-RingŪ is a registered trademark of Lectric Limited, Inc.

  2. Correct part number stamping.

  3. Correct cable type, gauge & color (black, red, or brown).

  4. Correct color molded terminal.

  5. Correct grommet.