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Buick GS / GSX Restorations

Click here to view our 11 Second Stock Appearing Stage 1

1970 LS2 Powered GSX  "Resto Mod"

The following pages highlight the Frame off Restoration which
started in July of 2005 and finished in July of 2006.
This is an LS-2 powered - 1970 Saturn Yellow Buick GSX
The restoration was performed mainly by Kurt Anderson
(Owner of Autokraft Race Cars & Restorations) and Todd Miller (Car Owner)
G-ReX was also featured in the January issue of Car Craft Magazine.
Use the site index below to scroll from Page to Page for different
aspects of the Restoration.  Thanks for looking!

MichelleGSX1.jpg (68311 bytes)
GRexBanner.jpg (21470 bytes)   Accomplishments
Popular Hotrodding Magazine
"Build Up Plans & Rendering"
August 2006
PHRAug.jpg (41937 bytes)
Car Craft Magazine
Feature Car
January 2007


CarCraftCover.jpg (131814 bytes)
July 2006 Feature Car

Note: Clicking on the
Lateral G Link to the
right will take you to
Lateral G's Website
Featuring G-ReX

GReXJuly06Feature.jpg (82558 bytes)
Car Craft.Com
March 2007 Feature Car:

Note: Clicking on the
Car Craft Link to the
right will take you to
Car Craft's Website
Featuring G-ReX

Car Craft.Com Article / Link
CClogo.jpg (10934 bytes)
2007 Calendar
Sponsored By:

Budweiser & The Carp
Radio Station
CalendarShot1.jpg (48274 bytes)
Muscle Cars Book
A Showcase of the World's

Best Builds.
Written by:
Bill Holder and Phil Kunz
See our GSX in this Book!
Published in 2008
BookRestoMods.jpg (28886 bytes)
GSX-tra Feature Car / November-December 2007


gsx2.jpg (37114 bytes)

The complete shell was sent out for Mediablasting


Driverside1.jpg (63598 bytes)

Rust Free Driver Side


PassengerSide1.jpg (49330 bytes)

Rust Free Passenger Side


UndersideBlasting.jpg (62732 bytes)

Sandblasting the bottom side of the shell


LS1Frame.jpg (73611 bytes)

Powder Coated Frame ready for reassembly
I was very fortunate when finding this car.  The frame and the body are
totally rust free.  The frame looks like its brand new.


LS1BrakesFT2.jpg (71382 bytes)

Wilwood Disc Brakes  at all 4 corners.
These brakes will also allow us to still use the factory 15" wheels
as well as the Billet 17" wheels.


LS1GSXInt.jpg (94162 bytes)

Dynamat Sound Deadening material was used to keep the interior quiet


LS2Dyno.jpg (90080 bytes)

LS2 Motor on the Dyno.


GReXEngineBay.jpg (64786 bytes)

Engine Bay ready to go. The firewall was smoothed out for a nice clean look.
A quick ratio steering box was installed also.


GReXHootTach.jpg (52262 bytes)


GRexFall2.jpg (49608 bytes)


GReXInt2.jpg (71930 bytes)


GReXInt4.jpg (80531 bytes)



GReXMickeys.jpg (62444 bytes)

Mickey Thompson Drag Radials will help keep the LS2's power to the ground.
17" Billet Aluminum Wheels are made by Newstalgia and
are the 1st set in the United States.






GRex17.jpg (33431 bytes)