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Click here to view our 11 Second Stock Appearing Stage 1


1970 GS Stage 1
Frame Off Restoration

One of our completed projects is a 1970 Buick GS Stage 1
that will be built for the street as well as the strip.
Motor Trend Magazine tested these cars back in 1970
and back then they ran a 13.38 @ 105 MPH.
That quarter mile time placed the 1970 Stage 1 GS as one
of the quickest American Production cars ever built.
A couple guys have actually built these cars to run
10 Second quarter mile times in "Stock Appearing" trim.
Stock Appearing simply means the car will look like it did the
day it rolled off the showroom floor. This car will be built using those
same guidelines. No after markets parts will be visible
in the engine bay or the interior. Ours will even be running the
Factory Quadrajet Carburetor and Cast Iron Exhaust Manifolds!

Update: Best E.T. so far with a Factory Stock-Low Compression Motor:
12.72 @ 102 MPH  1.73 60 Foot Time
Non Stage 1, No Port work,  8.5 to 1 Compression,  Small Cam
I feel the car would easily run 11's with a 1970 Spec Stage 1 Motor
and Port work.



This car has been sold to a good friend and has now received
an all Aluminum Stage 2 Motor with Fuel Injection.
More Details and Photo's at the bottom of this page



Stg1-1.jpg (55799 bytes)

The shell shown here at Autokraft Racecars & Restorations.
The entire car was stripped down and media blasted prior to fresh paint.
Every part & piece was evaluated weight wise before being re-installed.
If it could be lightened,  it was!


GSShell.jpg (28786 bytes)

A rust free Shell was located for this project.
Picture above shows the bottom of the shell after being media blasted.

70GSResto11.jpg (34225 bytes)

Also visible in this picture are the 6 holes that were cut allowing the
Roll Cage to mount directly to the Frame rather than the floor pan.


GSCage2.jpg (39126 bytes)

The Cro Moly Roll Cage was fitted but will not be welded in until the body is
placed back on the frame. We chose Cro Moly Tubing for its strength and light weight.

70GSResto4.jpg (63813 bytes)
Above Photo shows the Pads that Autokraft fabbed up to mount the Roll Cage to.


70GSResto2.jpg (17129 bytes)

Picture above shows a Cro Moly Crossmember.
This will replace the heavy factory unit to help save some weight
and allow for easier installation and removal of the Transmission.

70GSResto3.jpg (28921 bytes)
This photo shows the custom made motor mounts.
These mounts are lighter than the factory mounts and
allowed us to move the motor back a bit more for better
60 ft times. The engine mounts are also custom and utilize
polyurethane rather than rubber like the factory ones.


GReXBumperBrkts.jpg (28875 bytes)

Front & Rear Aluminum Bumper Brackets were made to help reduce overall weight.
Factory Bracket is shown at top, Aluminum version is shown at bottom.
These are the same brackets we had fabbed up for our GSX Resto Mod.


70GSResto5.jpg (78239 bytes)

Picture above shows the Cro Moly anti roll kit that was installed.
This kit will help the car launch nice and straight which greatly improves 60 ft times.
This kit also helps stiffen the rear portion of the frame.

70GSResto6.jpg (84537 bytes)
This photo shows the arms hanging down prior to welding to the rear end housing.
This kit can be unhooked within a minute if racing at an event that doesn't allow traction aids.
70GSResto7.jpg (77302 bytes)
Another shot of the Anti Roll Kit. The addition of this kit will really improve overall
traction and also stiffen the chassis.


70GSResto8.jpg (71219 bytes)

A 12 Bolt Rear End was purchased from Moser Enterprises.
These cars came with a 10 Bolt from the Factory but for strength purposes
they're usually replaced by 12 Bolt units.

70GSResto1.jpg (27889 bytes)
The factory control arms were blasted and beefed up prior to powder coating.
We chose to utilize these simply because they're  "Stock" and even after beefing them up
they're lighter than the aftermarket pieces. Polyurethane bushings will also be installed.
70GSResto9.jpg (30266 bytes)
Autokraft re-welded key areas on the factory frame to help strengthen it some more.
The Rear Control Arm Mounts are shown here.


70GSMtrMount.jpg (30748 bytes)

We didn't want to use a Solid Motor Mount so Autokraft Fabricated  Polyurethane Mounts
which have less flex than the factory rubber ones. And they're lighter!


September 2010
For this year we will be installing

a totally stock 1971 Buick 455. This is an 8.5 to 1 Compression motor and should
Make roughly 380 HP. We will install this and use it as a baseline with hopes of
installing a fully ported and higher compression "Stock Appearing" Stage 1 455 later on.

70GS71Eng1.jpg (84263 bytes)

Assembly has begun on my Stock - Low Compression 1971 455


70GS71Eng2.jpg (87332 bytes)

This Motor will retain the Factory 8.5 to 1 Compression Pistons.
The only upgrades to this motor will be a cam and double roller timing chain.
The goal here is to install a stock - low compression motor and see
what it will run in a lighter weight GS. This will show us what we gained
by paying attention to the overall weight of the car.


70GS71Eng3.jpg (81823 bytes)

Degreeing the Camshaft.


70GS71Eng4.jpg (102576 bytes)

Stock - Non Stage 1 - 1971 Heads were retained for this build up.
Factory Part # shown - 1237661


70GS71Eng5.jpg (91568 bytes)

Motor is pretty much assembled at this point.
We will dyno the motor later this fall.


70GS71Eng6.jpg (73255 bytes)

Both Motors shown in this Picture.
The Motor on the left is the Stock 1971 - Low Compression Motor
that we'll use as a Test Bed for this year.
The Motor on the Right is the Stage 1 Motor that will receive
a higher lift cam, ported heads, ported intake and exhaust manifolds.
It will also be close to 11.1 compression.


Motor2.jpg (46420 bytes)

Shown above is the Buick 455 "Stage 1" that will power our GS in the future.
It needs to be freshened as well as some serious port work.
This motor will someday make its way into the car and greatly improve 1/4 mile times!


70GSEngBay2.jpg (69997 bytes)

Dyno455_388.jpg (94874 bytes)

October   2010
Our Stock 1971 "Base" engine is now installed. This motor made 388 HP and 464 TQ.

We will run the car next spring with this motor to use as a guideline.
Then the Stage 1 "Ported" version will be installed.
That motor "should" put the car in the 11 second bracket.


70GSEngBay13.jpg (86495 bytes)

Base Engine installed / Picture 1


70GSEngBay12.jpg (88808 bytes)

Base Engine / Picture 2


70GSEngBay14.jpg (91403 bytes)

Base Engine / Picture 3


70GSEngBay15.jpg (82844 bytes)

Base Engine / Picture 4


70GSEngBay7.jpg (83601 bytes)

Base Engine / Picture 5


70GSEngBay9.jpg (83487 bytes)

Base Engine / Picture 6


Illusion1.jpg (45229 bytes)

Paintwork has begun!


Illusion2.jpg (48824 bytes)


70GSStg1.jpg (54978 bytes)

The assembly process has begun.


70GSSwitch1.jpg (54114 bytes)

70GSSwitch2.jpg (51434 bytes)

I really didn't want any "Race" parts to be visible on this car so
the Battery Disconnect Switch was placed on a hinge so we can hide it when
not at the Track.  Second photo shows the switch in the "hidden" position.


GSBody1.jpg (71830 bytes)


GSBody2.jpg (72484 bytes)


GSBody3.jpg (64638 bytes)


GSBodyFront.jpg (55167 bytes)


GSBodyPassenger.jpg (64472 bytes)


GSPassengerSide.jpg (70018 bytes)


GSFtBumper.jpg (68026 bytes)


GSHeadlightBezel.jpg (87823 bytes)


70GSWelds.jpg (126317 bytes)

Shown here with our "Sleeper" wheels


GSFuelTank.jpg (73551 bytes)

Fuel Tank


GSRearSuspensionRight.jpg (67250 bytes)

Rear View - Right Side   (Note Factory Shocks!)


GSMufflers.jpg (49154 bytes)

2.5" Exhaust System w/ Dyno Max Mufflers


GSDriveShaftLoop.jpg (61553 bytes)

Cro Moly Driveshaft Loop


GSControlArms.jpg (45673 bytes)

Stock Lower Control Arms


GSLinkage.jpg (73965 bytes)



GSEngine1.jpg (76125 bytes)

Engine Bay


GSEng2.jpg (81152 bytes)

Engine Bay


GSEngine3.jpg (75441 bytes)

Engine Bay


GSEngine4.jpg (79451 bytes)

Engine Bay - Driver Side View


GSEngine5.jpg (78937 bytes)

Engine Bay - Passenger Side View


GSFanAssembly.jpg (79482 bytes)

Clutch Fan Assembly


GSChokeAssembly.jpg (65671 bytes)

Our Carburetor was sent to
It looks and performs better than new!


GSInterior3.jpg (65099 bytes)

Factory Rally Steering Wheel


GSInterior4.jpg (63461 bytes)



GSRearSeats.jpg (73788 bytes)



GSDriversDoor.jpg (60055 bytes)

Door Panel / Driver Side


GSSeats.jpg (68333 bytes)



GSDash.jpg (78104 bytes)

This shot shows the Temp Gauge hidden inside the Left Side A/C vent.


GSRadio.jpg (57576 bytes)

Factory Radio


Update - July 2016
Car has been sold and is now sporting a Full Blown Stage 2 Motor and Fuel Injection.


Update - October 2016
Current Car owner had us install a Full Blown "572" Stage 2 Motor
This motor made over 700 H.P. and 700 +  Torque
We also installed Air Conditioning and Pro Touring Suspension from Speed Tech






A Stage 2 hood Scoop was also added for proper hood clearance


The Current owner wanted his now toy to match his 1972 Stage 1 so we swapped out the
Front & Rear Bumpers, Headlight Bezels, Hood Trim and Grill.


1970  GS Stage 1 Specs
Motor # 1
This is basically a stock rebuild on a 8.5 to 1  -  1971 Buick 455.

This will give us a good baseline to start with.
Best E.T. with Base Motor  =  12.72 @ 102MPH  /  1.73 60 Foot time
I believe we'll see 12.50's in cool air with this motor.
Motor 1971 Buick 455  (Non Stage 1)
Block GM - 1231738
Heads GM - 1237661 - Standard Size Valves - Not Stage 1
Intake GM - 1236403
Pistons GM   8.5 to 1 Compression - 1237454
Exhaust Manifold (Left Side) GM - 1233451
Exhaust Manifold (Right Side) GM - 1383648
Timing Cover GM - 1230345
Fan Pulley GM - 1238156
Crank Pulley GM - 1235779
Carb Quadrajet # 7041540 MF
Distributor GM - 1112077
Cam TA 288-98H
Starter RobbMC Performance Lightweight Mini Starter
Tranny Turbo 350 (Behind Baseline Motor)
Converter Hughes 3,000 Stall (Behind Baseline Motor)
Driveshaft Stock GM
Rear End 12 Bolt /  Moser Engineering
Gears 3:90 Ratio / Auburn Posi Unit
Wheels Factory 15" Buick Rallye Wheels
Front Tires BF Goodrich Radial TA's   235/60R15
Rear Tires Mickey Thompson Drag Radials   275/60R15
Cooling System / Fuel System:
Radiator Factory Appearing Aluminum Reproduction
Alumitech Reproductions
Fuel Pump Factory Stage 1
Fuel Pick Up Tube RobbMC Performance  1/2"
Fuel Tank Factory GM
Exhaust, Brakes & Suspension:
Exhaust Torque Tech 2.5" Aluminized Mandral Bent  w/ X-Pipe
Mufflers Dyno Max
Manifolds Factory Cast Iron - Ported by GHP
Front Brakes Wilwood Light Weight Discs
Rear Brakes Wilwood Light Weight Discs
Rear Control Arms (Upper) Factory GM
Rear Control Arms (Lower) Factory GM (Boxed)
Front Shocks & Springs Factory GM
Rear Shocks & Springs Factory GM
Seats Factory Buckets
Shifter Factory Floor Shift
Gauges Factory - Oil, Temp, &  Fuel
Tachometer Factory
Aftermarket Gauges Auto Meter / Temp & Oil  (Hidden fromView)
Steering Wheel Factory GS Sport Wheel  (3 Spoke)
Roll Cage 6 Point Cro-Moly
Looks totally Stock!
Paint and Fab Work:
AutokraftLogo.jpg (16366 bytes)