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1970 GS Stage 1

One of my personal projects is a 1970 Buick GS Stage 1
that will be built for the street as well as the strip.
This is a Super Clean - Rust Free Car that came
from Colorado and should be the nicest GS I've owned
and restored when finished.  For this year I've cleaned up
the engine bay and replaced the original Trans and Motor
and installed a 1970 455 & Trans for the purpose of racing it.
The current motor is a 1970 455 that has Stage 1 Heads.
Intake and Heads are ported otherwise the motor is factory stock.
When completed this will be a basically stock Stage 1 GS however
our goal is to run high 11 second E.T.s without any aftermarket engine parts.

Best E.T. so far:
   11.92 @ 110 MPH
Best 60 foot so far:  1.61
Factory Heads, Intake, Carb and Cast Iron Exhaust Manifolds
Stay tuned.  This build is just getting started!!


Engine Bay after a freshening.  Frame Off Restoration still to come.
I just couldn't bring myself to put a clean motor in a 40 year old engine bay.


11.90's with factory parts........for now!



Our Carburetor was sent to QuadrajetPower.com
It looks and performs better than new!


More Pictures coming soon but for now here are a few
taken at Rock Falls Raceway July 31st 2016


Staging Lanes next to a Hellcat


Staging Lanes


Burnout Box


Rock Falls Raceway July 31st 2016 - Muscle Car Shoot Out - 1st Place!


Best E.T. so far.
Our goal of high 11's with Factory Parts was met on October 8th 2016.
Stay Tuned........Even Lower E.T.'s coming!