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Buick GS / GSX Restorations

Click here to view our 11 Second Stock Appearing Stage 1


1970 GS Stage 2
10 Second Street Car

This car was built in 2001 to be a Street Car that we could also take to the track.
Initially I kept the Stage 1 Motor in it along with all the Factory Parts.
End Result was an 11 Second car utilizing the Factory Engine Parts.
Fast forward to 2003/04 and a Stage 2 Motor was installed.
This resulted in Low 10 second E.T.s while still fully streetable.


GS Side 2.jpg (47420 bytes)

In 2001 my GS was a "Stock Appearing" car.
Its best E.T. ended up at 11.80 on radial tires.
I had alot of fun with this car in 2001 racing cars that were
"hopped up" while mine appeared stock.


Buick 455.jpg (64864 bytes)

This is the 455 Stage 1 motor that powered my 70 GS in 2001. It is a "Stock Appearing"
455 which has powered the car to 11 Second 1/4 mile times at 115 MPH . This was achieved on
Radial tires through factory Exhaust Manifolds, Cast Iron Intake, Quadrajet Carb and full Exhaust.
Note:  (Extensive Port work was done to the heads, intake and exhuast manifolds)
Who says you need aftermarket parts to go fast!?!?!?


GSStage2.jpg (49947 bytes)

Summer  2003  -  1970 GS w/ Factory Silver Mist Paint.
This car was built for the street & strip while trying to maintain a factory stock look.
My main goal was to build a car that would work on the street as well as the track.
A lot of thought was put into the suspension
and weight transfer. End result is a low 10 second car. With the exception of the Stage 2 hood scoop
and aluminum wheels this is a very stock appearing car.


Stage2Eng1.jpg (82052 bytes)

Above Photo shows my new Stage 2 motor. It made 654 Horsepower and 617 Foot pounds of Torque.  Summer 2003


70GSInt1.jpg (70911 bytes)

70GSInt2.jpg (73419 bytes)

70GSInt3.jpg (62910 bytes)

Above Photos show my interior.  I've tried to keep it as stock as possible.
Features include:  Factory Floor shift, Factory Gauges, Factory Tach,
Rally Steering Wheel & Factory Bucket Seats.
The only aftermarket items are a Cro Moly 6Pt. Roll Bar, Autometer Tach
and Autometer Oil & Temp Gauges.


GSEngine.jpg (68179 bytes)

Stage 2 Motor Installed


1036.jpg (36144 bytes)

Above time slips shows my best E.T ran in 2003
w/ Stage 2 Aluminum Heads.   (Left Hand Side)