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1970 Aluminum Bumper Brackets

1971-72 Aluminum Bumper Brackets

Air Cleaner Support Bracket

Heater Hose Bracket


1971 GS Stage 1 Convertible "Zone Car"

This belongs to a customer and is an original "Zone Car" produced
as an advertising campaign by Buick for the 1971 Model Year.
Less than 25 were built and less than a dozen are known to exist today!

Frame arrived for assembly on July 14th - 2015


Assembly on drive train and suspension was completed on July 28th - 2015


Original 3:42 Rear


All "Zone Cars" were fitted with Turbo 400 Transmissions


The original matching numbers motor was rebuild and dynoed


Stage 1 Carb Replated


Factory Disc Brakes



More info and Pictures Coming Soon!
The owner is in process of collecting the necessary parts to restore this car correctly!