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1970 Aluminum Bumper Brackets

1971-72 Aluminum Bumper Brackets

Air Cleaner Support Bracket

Heater Hose Bracket


1970 - 72 GS Part Number Restoration Guides
1970 - 72 GSX Guide also available!
These books will give you all the correct part numbers needed to restore
your GS or GSX back to it's original condition. It takes the guess work out of parts collecting!
Other features included Model Identification, Vehicle Identification,
Fisher Plate Identification, Protect-O-Plate Information, Paint Codes with full color chart,
Vinyl Top Colors and Codes, Convertible Top Colors and Codes, Interior Codes and Colors,
Factory Option Codes and Production Numbers. (as well as all the Part Numbers for every aspect of the car)

1970 GS
Part Number Restoration Guide

Item # 70PNRG

Price $55.00

Shipping $4.50

1971 GS
Part Number Restoration Guide

Item # 71PNRG

Price $55.00

Shipping $4.50



1972 GS
Part Number Restoration Guide

Item # 72PNRG

Price $55.00

Shipping $4.50



1970-72 GSX
Part Number Restoration Guide


Price $55.00

Shipping $4.50



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